Entering the Blog World: Day 1

In 2011, while looking for something I can no longer remember, I happened upon a gorgeous hand made card created by Britta Swiderski. I was so inspired it was not long before I placed an order with the online craft store Simon Says Stamp where Britta mentioned she sourced her supplies. Since I am in Australia and Simon Says Stamp is in America, I had to pay a small fortune for shipping and probably went overboard on the amount I spent on my purchase… but hey, I had to make the most of that shipping cost! From the moment my package arrived full of wonderful crafty goodies, I was hooked.

Since then, like so many craft aficionados, I have watched numerous YouTube videos, saved countless Pins and drooled over the most recent releases from stamp suppliers. (An honorable mention to Lawn Fawn where my true addiction to good quality stamps officially began.)

During this time, I have marveled at the talented card-makers around the world who continue to produce incredible creations and participate in regular card making challenges. Because what’s the point of making something awesome if no one sees it, right?

So instead of stuffing another card into a box full of unloved mini-masterpieces (in my eyes at least), I have decided it is time to step out of the sidelines, take card making to the next level and have a crack at a challenge myself.

IMG_5685.JPGAlthough a pretty basic card I love this little caterpillar and have chosen to enter in:

Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge: Patterned Papers
Simon Says Stamp Monday Challenge Blog
Supply list:


Until next time,



5 thoughts on “Entering the Blog World: Day 1

  1. I am so glad you chose to share your card! Each element adds up to a perfect whole. I think it is wonderful and I hope you have a young recipient for it, or can donate it to a group that gives cards to kids. I do not have a blog but I do make cards, some for my own use and some for charity.

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  2. Wonderful card, you will enjoy entering cards and it will get easier all the time. Love your little card and how you incorporated the patterned paper in it.
    Not sure if your aware but when you decide to enter a challenge and you click on the link- it takes you to a step where you enter your URL for your blog – you got that right. But then you are meant to pick an image from the ones showing in front of you- pick the one of your card. What happened is the link is there and the title of your post but not your card. Doesn’t matter for the challenge as your link is whats important there but the picture though small will attract others to come look at what you are doing and that gets you followers and that can be fun. Stops you feeling like your talking to yourself 🙂


    1. Thank you for your comment! I did notice that my image didn’t show up. I clicked the image when I submitted then link but it didn’t work for some reason and I don’t think I can go back and fix it. Never mind, I will try again next time! 🙂


  3. This is just delightfully sweet with that cute caterpillar! Love your strip of green across the top. So glad you joined our Monday challenge at Simon Says Stamp this week! Maura


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