Hello! Thanks for visiting.

My name is Holly and Australia is my home. I am a self-confessed Pinterest addict and love that cats have come to rule the online world.

I am a dietitian by day but avid crafter by night. Creating things is how I chill out and I have dabbled in many crafting pursuits over the years. My current passions are crochet and card-making, and as a dietitian I enjoy cooking up a storm and sharing my favourite recipes. A girl’s got to eat!

Like many others, I trawl the internet for good craft tutorials and product reviews to help me out with my current project or to inspire my next endeavor. But sometimes I can’t find what I’m wanting and have to figure it out for myself. So I decided to give the world just one more craft blog to share my creations, give back to the online crafting community that has guided me so many times, and maybe help someone find just what they are looking for.

Since creating a blog is my newest challenge, it might be a bit slow on the uptake, but will hopefully grow soon enough.